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Given a site, a context, a client and his requirements, design process to me is all about discovering something beyond its metaphysical existence. It essentially then becomes a short personal journey, until the site unfurls its resources - the design moulding into it perfectly.


Studio Acis is an architecture and design firm, founded in 2011. The firm derives its name from the abbreviation of ‘a’rchitecture, ‘c’ivil & ‘i’ntegrated ‘s’ervices which self-explanatory of the services that we offer.


We focus on providing value services to clients, and assist them to achieve their goal of building their dream home / space. Every individual longs to come back and spend their valuable time in a space that invigorates the basic purpose for which it is built. Be it recreation, business, home or conventional use. Studio Acis helps realize this space, with their exemplary services.


At Studio Acis, we refrain from monotony and encourage learning with work.


The Architect

Ar. Rakesh Kakkoth, Principal architect and Director of studio acis, has graduated from TKM College of Engineering Kollam, Kerala in 2006. Since then, he has deeply engaged in architecture, working under various senior architects in Kerala until 2011. He then set up an independent practice,as was his dream. Now, the office has grown, with projects spread over most districts of Kerala.


Our team is our strength and the bond we share and maintain is what reflects in our work.

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